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--(made in Germany)--

 Quality Truly Classic Chess Clock  NEW IN BOX
New model from Garde!


The GARDE chess clock from Ruhla( Germany
Quality product from Ruhla, one of the oldest clock and watch factories in Germany .

German companies have long been regarded as the best quality chess clock makers and Garde clocks are often thought to be the best of the lot.

Excellent solid, functional, wooden framed digital chess clock by the best name in the business.
Uniquely, the programming can be altered if FIDE rules change, which has happened before and are likely to again. 

The LCD display of the timer has a viewing angle of 160 degrees where the average is 100 to 120 - this allows better viewing angle from both sides. 
To improve visibility from the players positions, the angle of the display is tilted by 10%,a nd the stability of the wooden case is improved by extendable feet.
The clock is supplied ready for use with batteries which allow 2,000 hours of playing time. It has a low battery warning, 'game end' display, a switchable buzzer and a move counter.

The 20 presets include settings in FIDE, Fischer and Bronstein modes, with standard variations, incremental settings and freely programmable options. The large display features numbers that are approximately 1" high for tremendous visibility.

 It is usually advertised at about $120 or MORE!


 Length  =   8.75" ( 220 mm )
 Width   =    2.5" ( 60 mm )
 Height  =    5.0" ( 120 mm)

This is the latest electronic digital chess clock from one of Germany s oldest clock and watch manufacturers, Ruhla.


  •  20 game programs according to FIDE / Fischer / Bronstein - Mode
  •  Excellently readable LCD display 65mm dia

  • Time Increment Setting

  • Extendable feet for greater stability

  •  Flash controllers run the clock's programs

  •  The Most Durable and Attractive Digital Chess Clock Available

  •  Durable Wooden Case and Quality European Manufacturing will 
     Provide Many Years of Use

  •  Made in Germany - Quality European Craftsmanship 

  •  Perfect for Blitz or quick chess  

  •  Complete with 1,5V Mignon(AA) batteries included

  •  Instruction in English, French, Spanish and Russian languages

  •  Weight is 2 pounds

Case Material: Natural Beechwood

The Master's Choice - Garde clock


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