GARDE Chess Clock(made in Germany)

When the then FIDE President, Florencio Campomanes, flouted the governing body’s own regulations by awarding the venue to Manchester, without taking into account the choices of the players, the two participants promptly formed a rival organization - the Professional Chess Association.

The resulting match – sponsored by The Times newspaper – was held under the auspices of the new body in London , September-October 1993. Garry Kasparov won convincingly (+6,-1,=14).



--(made in Germany)--

 Quality Truly Classic Chess Clock  NEW IN BOX
AS USED in Kasparov-Short '93


The GARDE chess clock from Ruhla( Germany
Quality product from Ruhla, one of the oldest clock and watch factories in Germany .

German companies have long been regarded as the best quality chess clock makers and Garde clocks are often thought to be the best of the lot.

This is generally regarded as the best of analogue chess clocks. 
The case is made from natural beechwood  and the mechanism of superior quality with a quiet tick is German to give guaranteed reliability.

They go on forever, like the ever ready bunny except you  have to wind them up occasionally.
 It is usually advertised at about $80 or MORE!


 Length  =   8.5" ( 22 mm )
 Width   =    2.5" ( 6 mm )
 Height  =    5.0" ( 12 mm)

Garde chess clock is the only mechanical clock available today that has been used in a World Championship match (G.Kasparov -v- N.Short, 1993)


  •  Two large displays 3.25" diameter (83 mm)

  •  Bright red flags

  •  Fits most of standard chess carry bags easily

  •  Easy setting that do not require a manual to figure out

  •  Very stable and sturdy feel

  •  Perfect for blitz and quick chess

  •  Weight is 2 pounds

Case Material: Natural Beechwood

The Master's Choice - Garde clock


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