Mephisto Saitek Digital Competition Pro Game Chess Clock + Bonus(Free)





 Quality Digital Timer Chess Clock  NEW IN BOX


The Saitek Competition Pro Game Clock III is one of a favorite chess clocks or digital chess timers that you can rely on.
Rugged enough for the heavy handed and advanced enough to have many timing features, this clock will meet your requirements.
Suitable for a variety of games, from competitive chess matches to family games of Scrabble.

Sleek and stylish, the large LCD screens display remaining time accurate to the second, as well as countdown and move features, etc.
Simple controls offer 25 timer modes
(including 3 user programmable modes); Hourglass, Blitz, FIDE/ECU/Traditional Tournament, Fischer, Bronstein, Delay and Word Modes.
This digital chess timer has an optional illumination and sound mode and a silent mode so you won't disturb others in a tournament. Uses 2 C batteries, not included



 Length  =  6.5" 
 Width   =  3.25" 
 Height  =   2.25" 




    Easy to Use

  22 different pre-set timer modes, PLUS 3 user-programmable modes
     Hour Glass , Blitz, FIDE/ECU/Traditional tournament,
     Modes, Fischer, Bronstein,
Delay and Word Modes.

4-way control pad for easy mode selection and editing

Switch between sound effects and silent operation!

Sleek, stylish, and so very precise- displays remaining time
  accurate to the second.

Instruction  included.


   Quality Design

  •  2 Large LCD displays(65 mm x 37 mm)/(2.5" x 1.5")
     with easy-to-read 0.7"( 17 mm ) high digits

  • Large Time Control buttons with color/ illumination 
    for easy 360 degree visibility

  •  Fits most of standard chess carry bags easily

  •  Easy setting that do not require a manual to figure out

  •  Very stable and sturdy feel

  •   Perfect for blitz and quick chess

  •   Battery life : 600 hours (normal condition)


                             GOOD LUCK EVERYONE !!!




Time is ON - Green Color

Time Expired - Red Color

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