New Chronos Digital Chess Clock II 
--with Touch Sensor Pads--





--(made in USA)--

 Quality Truly Classic Chess Clock  NEW IN BOX
New model from Chronos!


The new
Chronos II Digital Game clock is one of the best if not the best chess clock available.
The new touch sensors eliminates the need to press buttons and makes this the ideal clock for blitz.
Not a fancy looking clock by any means, but this clock is loaded with features and is constructed of a heavy metal case with an enamel finish making this a durable clock that will last for years. 
An easy to follow 47 page user manual comes with the clock to guide you through the many modes and settings.  Comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Suggested Retail price $155


 Length  =   8.75"
 Width   =    2.5"
 Height  =    1.75"


This is the latest digital chess clock from Chronos manufacturer, USA


  •  Over 70 programmed modes can handle ALL the time controls you will
    ever need (USCF or FIDE)
    including: five minute chess, chess andante,
    chess byo-yomi, chess hour glass, chess progressive, GO Japanese byo-yomi, GO adante byo-yomi, GO progressive byo-yomi, GO Canadian byo-yomi, GO Ing byo-yomi, FIDE, count down, count up, Adagio, sudden death, Adante, sudden death and delay, delay with move counter, count down
    and delay, Shogi, and shuffle chess
  • Mode options include:  beep-at-end, beep-at-time-control, LEDs on and in most modes you can alter the time of the clock during the game
  •  Up to 12 user configure modes can be created and stored

  •  Beeper pitch can be adjusted to desired level

  •  Shuffle chess position generator

  •  Huge LCD screen

  •  Easy Touch Switch

  •  The player buttons are activated by a light "feather" touch by your finger
  •  Durable Metal Case and Quality  will  Provide Many Years of Use

  •  Perfect for Blitz and tournaments

  •  Complete with 3 AA batteries included

  •  Instruction in English

  •  Weight less than 2 pounds

  •  Made in USA

Case Material: Metal

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