NEW Travel Folding Pocket Magnetic 
Aluminum Chess Set - Black color
7.5"x 6.6" x 0.5" board
190 x 168 x 12mm when opened
Leather like Soft Padding surface outside



**** NEW Travel Folding Pocket Magnetic Aluminum Chess Set *** 
*** 7.5" x 6.6" x 0.5" board

Package Content


 The Aluminum Magnetic Travel Chess Set is both very compact and very  playable. Featureing button closure to secure your game. 
When opened the aluminum magnetic chess set features a 
 7.5" x 6.6" chess board. 
 The 3/8" or 11mm round chess pieces are easy to identify and move. 
 The board is an excellent learning set that will fit in any pocket. 
 Pieces won't slide or fall once placed and the pieces move easily, even for   children. These make great club and student chess prizes and giveaways!
 The magnets in each piece can hold them in place even with the board 
  held  upside-down

 This is a great chess/ checkers set for any occasion.  
 It's perfect for a weekend camping, or just heading over to a friend's house.

The magnets used for this set are the strongest available in the industry. 


 Round chess pieces with 3/8"(11mm) diameter and 1/8"(4mm) height
 Square area 3/4" x  3/4"
 Playing area is  6"x 6" 

 The aluminum board measures about 7.5"x 6.6"x 0.5"




















                   Model: MAG001    Price: $ 19.00